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Blue Silence

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One Minute More

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British Music for Choir and Piano

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***Latest work***

Solar Flares for string orchestra  (4')


Interweaves (10’)

Centrifugue (4’)

Cross Currents (orchestral version) (8’)

Transparent Voices (c. 9’) 

White Light for solo violin and chamber orchestra (6’30”)


ANZAC Anthem for choir and organ (5’)

I steal a look for a cappella choir (5’15")

Fire for choir and piano (6’)


Rainlight (2'30")

Cross Currents (piano version) (8’)

Voice Adrift (4'30")

Water Shadow (1')

Cadenza for Mozart's Piano Concerto in C minor No. 24 K491 (2’20")

Surreal Sailing (6’30’’)


Solar Flares for string orchestra  (4’)

The Maze for clarinet, viola and piano  (12')

Joan of Arc Variations for piano quintet  (13')

Inner Eye for large ensemble: 2 fl, 2 cl, bsn, vib, hp, s. vln, vln I & II, vla, vc, db  (5')

Lighthouse for piano trio (4')

Three Magic Pieces for cello and piano (total 18'): I. Twelfthly Conjure (6'); II. Night Spell (6'); III. The Exile of Paracelsus (6') 

Figure of 8 for wind octet (2’15")

Centrifugue for fl, ob, cl and string quintet (4’)

Puppet Dance for string orchestra (c.3’)

Castle View for toy piano + piano (2')

Find your home in the haunts of every living creature for large ensemble of flexible instrumentation (4’)

Accretion for bass clarinet and piano (c.4’)

Hamlet’s Dumb-show theatre work for 3 actors (or dancers), 2 or more assistants and tpt, perc., pno, vln, vc, db (10’) 

Octahedron for fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, tpt, tbn, db (4’)

Transparent Voices for fl, cl, perc., pno, vln, vla, vc, db (c.4’)

Patchwork Sky for 2 recorders, (c.3’)

Psyche for soprano, harpsichord, theorbo and bass viol (c.7’)

The Well for string quartet (c.6’)

Psalm 121 for voice, bagpipes and pipe organ (6’)

Statuesque for fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, 2 vlns, vla,vc, db (c.6’) 

Five Scenes, One Act for wind quintet (c.7’)

Mime for wind quintet (c.7’)

Song cycle: Faithless, Fear, Echo for soprano, fl, harp, db (15’)

Orchestra + Choir

Becoming for symphony orchestra and large girls’ choir (6’)

Solo instrument

Three pieces for harp (I. Sea breezes, II. Footprints in the sand: Homage to Debussy, III. Ocean floor) for solo harp  (7')

Trick or Treat for solo clarinet (2’)

Statuesque for solo flute (2’)

Toccata for pipe organ (5’)

Cello Solo (2’)

Caricatures for solo trombone (3’)

Three Miniatures for solo bassoon (c. 4’)

Miniature for solo horn (1’)

Quicksilver Beads for solo trumpet and tape (8’40’’)

Early works

(1996 and before)

The Empty House for 2 female voices, fl, pno, vc (3’)

The Laughing Song for baritone, bsn and pno (2’)

They told me for female voice and pipe organ (4’)

Rascality for xylophone, vibraphone and piano (2’)

Fugue in D minor for pipe organ (2’) 

Alone for female voice and pipe organ (3’)

Other earlier compositions include works for piano, voice and piano, small ensembles, concert band and pipe organ.

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